High-grade, high-performance filtering.

Waikato Milking Systems Milk Filters are constructed to the highest standards to ensure every unwanted particle is effectively filtered and captured from the milk before it passes through the plate cooler and into the bulk tank.

Built with precision from dairy quality 304 grade stainless steel, with 3A accreditation, the Milk Filters are constructed for high performance and longevity, with models available to suit any dairy. The top loading milk filters feature a wire cage with two rubber retainers.

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Waikato Milking System Milk Filters are constructed to the highest standards to ensure high-performance filtering.

Multi-sized connectors

A choice of 38mm, 50mm or 63mm connectors

Regulatory compliance

Filters comply with relevant regulations and are 3A accredited

Whats Included
  • Filter Body & Cage
  • Wall Bracket
  • Filter Sleeves (Pack 100)
  • Filter Sleeve Holder

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