Reduce labour. Increase productivity

SmartD-TECT automates your pre-milking stimulation and udder health detection without adding additional tasks for the operator.

With SmartD-TECT, the cluster can be attached immediately after the teat wiping process. This ensures the same milking routine every time - without the operator needing to estimate the best attachment time, or missing the best time if they become distracted.

By removing processes and the variabilities of operators - SmartD-TECT provides consistency in performance, and productivity advantages that no other conventional milking system offers. SmartD-TECT integrates seamlessly into any conventional rotary or in-line milking system.

See it in action

See how SmartD-TECT creates a natural let-down response and performs a consistent routine every milking without operator intervention.


SmartD-TECT provides the peace of mind of a consistent milking routine and the automated detection of problem animals and potential udder health issues, reducing the treatment time and cost.

Eliminiate Forestripping

Automate your milking stimulation and prep routine to reduce labour and increase your productivity.

Udder Health Detection

Identify the onset of mastitis up to four days before visual signs are evident to make decisions earlier.

Individual Quarter Testing

The pulsator milks each quarter separately and measures the conductivity of each for a more accurate alert.

What's Included
  • SmartD-TECT Pulsator: Controls individual pulsation signals to the cluster allowing each quarter to be milked separately at the start of milking.
  • SmartD-TECT Sensors: Are attached to the milk line at every cluster to measure the conductivity of the milk from each cow. The results are sent to the pulsator for interpretation.
  • SmartD-TECT Controller: Is a touchscreen interface that controls SmartD-TECT’s sensitivity settings.

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