Accurate and reliable, saving labor costs

The Waikato Spray Arm is a game changing automatic system for large fast-moving rotaries.

Our control system allows for pre-spray and/or post-spray units to be installed, removing expensive labor units from your operation.

Excellent coverage combined with an affordable system giving you a possible 6-8 month return on investment.

A series of advanced sensors accurately locate the cows position on the platform as she nears the exit / entry areas. This information is then communicated directly to the controller.

• If the cow is still milking
• An accurate position of where the cow is in the stall (pushing forward or leaning back)
• Platform direction and speed
• Adjustable spray patterns and timings
• Easy to use touchscreen controller

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Easy to install

Easy to install and inexpensive to maintain

Reliable and precise spray pattern

Reliable and precise spray pattern

Affordable Automation

Affordable Automation

What's Included:

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