Consistent and reliable pulsation, for optimal milking performance.

The Waikato SmartPULS pulsator provides gentle, accurate pulsation with rippled timing to ensure a stable milking vacuum.

The digital pulsation system opens and closes your liners consistently and reliably every milking - providing optimum milking performance. SmartPULS has been designed to work in harmony with your cows for maximum milk quantity and quality, limiting congestion and oedema in teat tissues during milking, reducing cow discomfort and new mastitis infections. The electronic solenoids are isolated from the main pulsation action providing a more gentle transition between phases, and allowing the pulsator to be flushed with water in the event of a split liner. To significantly reduce the total system cost, SmartPULS can operate two milking points via one pulsator.

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SmartPULS maximises your milk quality and quantity, to optimise your milking performance.

High milk flow rate

Each pulsator can be adjusted to suit your preferred milking rate and ratio.

Reliable, accurate pulsation

Rippled timing to ensure a stable milking environment.

Flexibility for all budgets

Independent pulsation per milking point, or pair of milking points, to suit budget.

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